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The Kentucky Paint Horse Club (KPHC) is the recognized state affiliate of the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and speaks with one voice in Kentucky. The KPHC encompasses show and performance horses, breeders, professional horsemen and trainers, amateurs and youths and recreational riding. One of the KPHC’s objectives is to promote more activity for each segment of equine enthusiast residing in, or visiting, Kentucky. We believe the following approach addresses not only the increased activity that will result, but also the significant economic development that will occur as a result. The KPHC is committed to creating incentives that not only enhance demand, but also will improve the quality of Paint Horses in Kentucky. Establishment of incentives to boost demand and quality will result in improved horses and prices offered for them. One goal of the KPHC incentive program is to increase equine economic activity related to the Paint Horse breed by enhancing profit opportunities for both new and existing owners and breeders. In addition, an increase in Paint Horse breeding will also benefit registered Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, for they are the only other breeds allowed as either a sire or dam of a registered Paint foal, providing the foals has one Paint parent.  

KPHC is no longer updating this web page.  Please see our Facebook page for up to date information.  Thank you.

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