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The KPHC board is committed to creating incentives that will enhance establishment of incentives to boost for Kentucky-bred Paint Horses, leaving their to respond in a natural market fashion, can only serve to improve the prices ultimately obtained for them. This is a more efficient method of encouraging production rather than stimulating an artificial supply and directly rewarding producers of foals that no one demands. In addition, increasing the demand has the advantage of increasing the bona fide profit opportunities for horsemen. The of the KPHIF are

  1. increasing equine economic activity related to the Paint Horse breed, by bringing more stallions and mares into the state during the breeding season
  2. stimulating Paint Horse breeding activity;
  3. to increase the number of mares bred to Kentucky Stallions; and
  4. to increase the number of Paint Horse owners within Kentucky. The proposed program was developed and designed by individuals experienced in showing and in the record of similar initiatives with other associations.

The KPHIF was also designed with input from the immediate Past-President of the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).


The Review Period for the 2014 KPHIF Awards has begun and will run through midnight, October 14. The list of award earners is subject to addition/correction/audit up until this date. All corrections will be posted and owners notified if point totals should decrease. Please remember that points/PAC credits earned in Novice, Youth, Walk-Trot, and Green classes do not qualify for awards. Please feel free to share this information and file. Please contact our office at 859-753-5139 or with questions or concerns regarding the horses listed or any omissions.